Saturday, 18 August 2012

What's In My Filofax: A5 Purple Domino.

This was my first ever filofax. Bought about 2 years ago now and since I've downsized to a personal I have began creating a scrapbook/memory book from my old Filofax.

I have just tied a purple ribbon around the pen holder and a flower around the elasticated closure.

When we open it up it looks pretty messy but I have alot of random things I've kept in the card holders and pocket bit. Then I have decorated the clear flyleaf with Harry Potter stickers and crafty bits :)!
My mum is a blogger and makes beautiful cards! Check her out here!
So she lets me use her stamps and some pieces she doesn't need or want to decorate my Filofax :-D

Above is an example of how I decorate the diary pages, I use stickers, stamps, paper cut outs etc.

And here is another example. These are postcards my dad sent me when he went travelling. I covered up my address for obvious reasons. I used some stamps, coloured them in, and stuck in a crochet flower. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing whats in my A5 Purple Domino :)! 
I recently purchased a Moleskine diary so I think I'll review that next. Make sure to follow and check out my mums beautiful blog!

Lauren xx

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

What's In my Filofax (before)

Here is my Red Personal Domino :-D I've been using this for about 6 months now, and I really enjoy it although once I find the money I would like to buy a Personal Malden and use the day per page/two days per page layout so I'd have more space. Anyway, here is how I'm using it at the moment before I get back to being a full-time student :)!

I don't keep anything in the card pockets, and I just store paper I need easy access to in the front pouch. I also bought this sticky note insert from my local CO-OP and cut it to size.

 I keep the Filofax front page with the two year calender on the back in the clear pocket insert.

Then I keep some sticky notes on the clear page for urgent things I need to buy/do. I have a horizontal year calender which I use for important dates and I just keep a paper clip to secure it.

I have 3 tabs after my calender: Diary, Address Book and Subsections.

In my subsections I labeled over the number tabs. There is: Goals, Want, Health, To Do, Academia and Other.

In the back of my Filofax I keep:

I love sticky notes, tabs and labels. You just can't have enough! ;)

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Next up will me what I use my A5 Purple Domino for :-) xx

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Youtube Inspiration

Hey guys so as my step-dad is away on holiday with my camera, and I can't take good quailty pictures, I decided to share with you all some really good Youtube videos/ Youtubers that I enjoy and would recommend for you all to watch.

I'll start off with OrganisedLikeJen. Her videos are great and really inspiring. Give this a watch and subscribe to her!

The next Youtuber is called Enjoyette. She has recently completed  3 videos displaying how she uses her Filofax called 'Ways of a Filofax'. So give this a watch it really inspired me to make more tabs and use the horizontal year calender better :)

Part 1.

Part 2.
Part 3.

Look at those loveelyy paper clips!

Here is FiloObsessed. I really enjoyed her video on reading/move filofax!!

I really want one of those A5 Cubins now!

So these are just a few I've found that I really enjoyed watching. Make sure to subscribe to them :)
When I get my camera back I'm very tempted to make my own video on 'What's in my filofax'. I tried it yesterday using my webcam but it keeps going out of sync. If anyone knows how to fix that then let me know!

Thanks for reading!
Lauren xx

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

To The Next Step.

Hi guys. It's Lauren with her first blog post! Today I found out what subjects I will be doing so it's the perfect time to start organising to become the best student I can! I may blog about-

  • What's in my filofax?
  • What's in my bag? (walking pharmacy, Make-up etc.)
  • How I organise my subjects (notes, exams)
  • The routines I follow. If you are a regular watcher of The Big Bang Theory I look upto Sheldon for this.
  • Diet, health, fitness
  • My life, how I spend my time and many more things that I do to help me out! :)
Lauren xx