Saturday, 18 August 2012

What's In My Filofax: A5 Purple Domino.

This was my first ever filofax. Bought about 2 years ago now and since I've downsized to a personal I have began creating a scrapbook/memory book from my old Filofax.

I have just tied a purple ribbon around the pen holder and a flower around the elasticated closure.

When we open it up it looks pretty messy but I have alot of random things I've kept in the card holders and pocket bit. Then I have decorated the clear flyleaf with Harry Potter stickers and crafty bits :)!
My mum is a blogger and makes beautiful cards! Check her out here!
So she lets me use her stamps and some pieces she doesn't need or want to decorate my Filofax :-D

Above is an example of how I decorate the diary pages, I use stickers, stamps, paper cut outs etc.

And here is another example. These are postcards my dad sent me when he went travelling. I covered up my address for obvious reasons. I used some stamps, coloured them in, and stuck in a crochet flower. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing whats in my A5 Purple Domino :)! 
I recently purchased a Moleskine diary so I think I'll review that next. Make sure to follow and check out my mums beautiful blog!

Lauren xx


  1. Wow this looks fab, really creative :)

    1. Thankyou!! :D Its a great way to keep memories and its making good use of a Filofax!

  2. This is really pretty :). I also use the purple domino as my main filo, must say wish I had the creativity you do :). How do you find the domino? x

    1. Sorry, little mistype there - how 'did' you find the domino? xx

  3. Thankyou!! I like getting lost in my creative side haha. I really liked it when I first purchased it as I didn't know much about Filofax's then but now that my knowledge has broadened styles like the Malden and Holborn are on my furture list as I find them alot more appealing that the Domino, but at the moment it does the job. :) xxx