Tuesday, 14 August 2012

What's In my Filofax (before)

Here is my Red Personal Domino :-D I've been using this for about 6 months now, and I really enjoy it although once I find the money I would like to buy a Personal Malden and use the day per page/two days per page layout so I'd have more space. Anyway, here is how I'm using it at the moment before I get back to being a full-time student :)!

I don't keep anything in the card pockets, and I just store paper I need easy access to in the front pouch. I also bought this sticky note insert from my local CO-OP and cut it to size.

 I keep the Filofax front page with the two year calender on the back in the clear pocket insert.

Then I keep some sticky notes on the clear page for urgent things I need to buy/do. I have a horizontal year calender which I use for important dates and I just keep a paper clip to secure it.

I have 3 tabs after my calender: Diary, Address Book and Subsections.

In my subsections I labeled over the number tabs. There is: Goals, Want, Health, To Do, Academia and Other.

In the back of my Filofax I keep:

I love sticky notes, tabs and labels. You just can't have enough! ;)

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Next up will me what I use my A5 Purple Domino for :-) xx


  1. Very nice Domino setup! I have a new personal sized Malden in Vintage Pink which is fabulous, but now I'm thinking I need A5... I'm thinking I may get a Chameleon. Are you familiar with Philofaxy.com?

    Just a quick correction on your blog title: the spelling is "stationery", for paper products. "Stationary" with an A means "not moving". :-)

  2. Wow I hope to own a Malden one day! Yeah! I have they're label on my blog :) You should follow me :D It would be nice to have more than one follower haha! Thanks! You learn something new everyday! :)

  3. Nice! I own a personal size Cuban and sometimes wonder if I should have bought the larger A5. Do you find the personal size large enough?

  4. Thanks for reading! When I had the A5 I thought it was too big as I wanted to carry it around in my bag so I went for the personal. Although the personal fits in my bag writing space is very limited compared to the A5 so I'm very tempted to move back upto the A5 :)