Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Pilot G-TEC-C4 0.4 Pen Review

While buying a ridiculous amount stationery I don't need for college I picked up this beautiful pen from InkSpot. I can't remember how much it was but I'm sure it was around the £3 mark.

I used to own a pen similar to this and I absolutely loved it. I use this pen for my good maths notebooks and it really does look beautiful on the page. Because it's 0.4mm writing is very clear and makes my terrible hand writing look a million times better. Look at that beauty:

Writing just looks so much neater. Excuse the mispelling of 'pilot' haha, you can see I'm not the best at English.

Don't think I'll ever be without one of these in my pencil case, definetly a staple stationery item to have in your stationery collection! :-D
Thanks for reading! Any pens you recommend? I'd love to know! 
Lauren xx

2013 Green Page Per Day Diary.

While I was on the hunt for bargains last week I came upon this. I bought this from The Card Factory, as my favourite colour is green at the moment this captured my eye immediately. It's what it says on the tin~ 2013 diary.The circle mark is where I pulled off the £1 sticker.  I'm pretty sure it will go away after a while, but what do you expect for One Pound?!
Again I apologize for the bad picture quality I will fix this asap.

I really like the look of it. It's very sturdy and the page quality is excellent. I love the fact that the summary calendar goes all the way upto 2014, its really handy to plan ahead!.

 I also love the page per day layout inside. I thought this would be perfect for College as my Filofax takes up alot of room in my bag, this would be perfect for all college related things. Do you have a different diary for work and personal use? I'd be interested to know!

Plenty of space for to do lists, sticky notes, ideas etc. Just a great piece at a great price! 
OrganizedLikeJen inspired me to start using Day Per Page from her video:

What a great video with great ideas!! Going to try out some of the things Jen uses here in my Filofax. 
Thanks for reading! And let me know what you think about unbranded diarys :)

Review: 2012-2013 Moleskine Soft Cover Diary.

I'm pretty sure I seen this on blogger a while ago and really liked the look of it so I went out and purchased one from Waterstones which cost me £15.
Excuse the bad quality pictures and the lightening. I'm fairly new to this so bare with me until I sort out other camera arrangements :)

I really like the look of it. I love how simple it is. Although as this is my first Moleskine I didn't expect the page quality to be that poor. Even with a normal Bic Ballpoint Pen it is apparent on the back of the page written on. I do however like the calender at the start and the page layouts.

What made me buy this was the fact that on the right hand side of the 'diary' part was a ruled blank page. Perfect for jotting down to do lists/ things to complete etc.

So overall I would give it 2.5/5 just because I payed £15 for terrible page quality, but I am a lover of the simple layout.
What are your opinions on Moleskine's? Are they are the same page quality? I'm interested.
Thanks for reading!! And I'll be back soon :-)
Lauren xx