Sunday, 7 October 2012

What's In My Pencil Case?

Hello stranger you're probably saying, yes I haven't posted in quite a while! I have been quite busy since college started up but I'm ready to get back in buisness :) So I thought I'd show you what I keep in my pencil case for college.

I bought this beast from Forbidden Planet. Even though I'm not a child anymore I thought it was awesome and had to spend £3 for it .

This is whats inside in an ordered fashion-

I will go through what they are by the numbers :)(left to right)    

1. Black pens.                       ( I use these for writing and general coursework )
  • Piolet G-TEC-C4( Review on blog)         
  • BIC Medium Ballpoint
  • BIC Fine Ballpoint
  • YELLOW Fine
  • Piolet REXGRIP 1.0
  • Staedtler Stick 430 M
2. Sharpie Fine Pens                  ( I use these for my Filofax coding system )
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
3. Staedtler Textsurfer Classic  ( I use these to highlight college notes )
  • Yellow
  • Orange
4. Other Items                          ( These I use when I need to )
  • Tipp-ex Rapid 20ml
  • Factis Softer Eraser S20
  • Maped Signal Sharpener
5. Coloured WHSmith Fineliners    ( I use these to colourcode my subjects for my diary)
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Blue
6. Pencils                                      (  Mainly use these for maths problems )
  • Niceday Soft .07 Mechanical 
  • Staedler Noris HB2  
  • Staedler Purple timestables
  • Robinson HB2 LYRA
7. Lyreco Premium Gel Pens        ( I use these to correct my coursework )
  • Red
  • Black
8. Bic Multicolour Ballpoint pen     (  This is great in general for a backup )
  • With Black, Blue, Red and Green.
If you'd like a review for any of these items or have a request just leave us a comment :) Hope you liked my post, I'd love to see what's in your pencil case and what you use them for !!!
Lauren xx

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